The Plan

Although we’ve gone on holiday to quite a few of the countries we’re planning on visiting, we’ve never really spent more than a week or two in any of them. We hope ‘La Grande Aventure’ will allow us to see more of these amazing countries, not following the normal tourist routes and experiencing real local life.

We have a vague route to head north into Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) before heading south (through Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to spend a summer in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. If we don’t blow all of our money by the end of the summer, we hope to finish up grape-picking in the south of France in September.


Blaise: As a typical ‘type a personality’ I like to be organised, having everything meticulously planned before starting, while Rob is more free-spirited. The opportunity to travel for six months gives us the flexibility to change and adapt our plans as we go along. If we love somewhere we can stay an extra few days, if we don’t we can drive on the next morning. I find this idea both exhilarating and terrifying, but I’m hoping it will have a positive effect on me 🙂

Rob: I’m almost the total opposite to Blaise! I love to see where the journey takes me, but don’t plan anyway near as well! I think that even though we live so close to so many great places, we often think that to travel and experience something new, we must get on a plane and travel a long way. I’m really looking forward to finding hidden gems that are actually pretty close to home and also feeling free of the daily grind!