The Reality

Our route so far has actually matched up quite well to our original doodles this time last year!

We headed north to Scandie-land, but not before a lovely few days in The Netherlands (as we discovered you can’t get a ferry any higher than the Hook of Holland any more!) and spent nearly a month discovering new cities, exploring fjords and trying to decipher menus!

From there we headed south through Germany with our sights set on Austria and with only five days to play with went pretty much due south meaning we didn’t get to visit friends in Trier on the Luxembourg border. Still there is always time on the way home or la grande aventure part deux!

We spent a fab few weeks in Austria and Slovenia, discovering two countries that went far above our expectations (Blaise: Note to self, don’t do too much reading beforehand and you’ll generally be delighted by what you find!!). We definitely be back to visit the Slovenia, just maybe in a smaller van next time!

From Slovenia we spent nearly three weeks in Italy – walking, cycling and sampling as much ice cream as physically possible – before it was time to cross the border to visit our true love – France. It’s safe to say France holds a special place in our hearts having enjoyed so many wonderful trips here over the years, so it’s hardly a surprise that (to date!) we’ve spent nearly nine weeks here! We did two-time her a little by nipping over the border to Spain, but it wasn’t long before we changed tact and heading back over the Pyrenees in search of cooler temperatures.

Unless something changes in the next few weeks we won’t make it to Switzerland or Portugal this time due to changed plans, sweltering temperatures or just the desire to not spend another 20 plus hours in the BFG! Right now we’re trying to decide whether to drive up the west coast of France after playing in Hossegor, Biarritz, San Sebastian and Bilbao or take the ferry from Spain to Portsmouth! But for the moment the focus is on the grape harvest and enjoying our last few weeks in France and when we’ve decided how we’re getting home we’ll make sure to write about it on the blog…