Day 3: The long haul…

Today was all about the road, as we drove north from De Hulk in the Netherlands with the aim of getting as far as possible before Rob went crazy, delirious or fell asleep! By early afternoon we were making good progress through Germany so ploughed on until we finally hit the Danish border. We both felt a sense of relief when border patrol waved us through, despite having nothing to hide!! Some 400 miles after we set off from De Hulk we arrived in the sleepy town of Tonder, parking up the van and wandering through the deserted (but pretty) streets.


Day 1-2: Delft, De Hulk and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Here we go, it’s 8am and we’re waiting to disembark the Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry ready to start la grande aventure!!

Our first destination was De Hulk, a peaceful nature reserve with easy transport into Amsterdam, but not before a brief stop in Delft. We spent a few hours walking around the pretty university town, coming across row upon row of canal, browsing market stalls and fueling up on some much needed caffeine. Back on the road we sped up to De Hulk and spent the afternoon exploring the local town and parkland, dodging the rain (and hail!) and planning our trip to Amsterdam the next day.

Another early start meant we were in Amsterdam by 10am, so we spent the morning exploring the city before grabbing a bite to eat. We went to the Foam photography gallery in the afternoon and checked out the four exhibitions they were running, including a fantastic series of images and footage shot at the jungle in Calais. Finally we got into the hobo spirit, sampling free cheese in one of the hundreds of cheese shops that lined the street. I don’t think we’ll hurry back for the vanilla or lavender flavours, but it’s all part of the journey…