Day 135-136: Le trois tours, Faugeres

After a full week of vendanging – including a cheeky few hours on Saturday afternoon in preparation for some predicted thunderstorms – we enjoyed a relaxing few days to help recharge our batteries.

Sunday proved to be the lazier of the two, as we enjoyed a lovely lie in before catching up on the blog, life admin, decided where to head after the red wine harvest has finished and planning our eventual return back home!! Whilst we’ve still got four weeks before we need to be back home it feels a little like la grande aventure is coming to an end 😦

We have two more weeks of exploring post-vendange before we need to get the ferry home, which will see us exploring Northern Spain and South West France, however we’re having to think about ferry times and the drive from Dover back home which means it’s becoming a little bit more of a reality! Still for now I’m distracting myself with guides on how to spend 36 hours in San Sebastian, which mostly seems to evolve around food! This was generally how we spent the rest of the day, every now-and-then ohing, ahing and running over to the window as flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder appeared!

After a rather lazy Sunday we needed to get out and stretch our legs today and decided to go on a walk up to the three windmills at Faugeres. We’d done the walk before about five years ago, however having driven past the signpost everyday on our way to the grape picking – and even seeing them high on the hill from one vineyard – we decided it was time to revisit them.

Having parked up in the village the three intrepid explorers – me, Rob and GUB – set off up a rather steep path, which sadly seemed to keep going up and up. After a few stops to give the pensioner a rest, both GUB and I were delighted to see the windmills come into view knowing we’d made it to the top. Any moaning about the walk up was soon forgotten as we climbed to the top of one of the old mills and the view opened up in front of us.

From the top of the tower we could see as far as the Pyrenees and Mediterranean, as well as spotting the press where we take all the grapes after harvesting and some of the vineyards we’d worked in! After some more view admiring, leg resting and butterfly spotting we headed back down the hill in search of food for dinner, settling on some steak to help repair our muscles for the next round of vendanging!


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