Day 130-134: Eat, sleep, vendange, repeat!

Having arrived back at GUB’s house ready for the red wine harvest, the next five days followed a pretty similar pattern – wake up at silly o’clock, pick lots of grapes, head home for food, (possibly) have a nap, eat more food, go to bed far too early for GUB’s liking, wake up and repeat!

We’ve enjoyed some amazing sunrises, a lovely lunch with our fellow vendangers after a rather long and tiring shift, finding a bird’s nest (complete with a single egg!) in the vines and finally starting to understand a few of the conversations going on around us!

Other (non-vendange) highlights included opening a French bank account to get our wages paid into (boy do the French need a lot of information!), educating GUB on the different grape varieties that go into our favourite wine, watching one of the weirdest films we’ve both seen in a long time (Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’) and a rather drunken BBQ where a friend brought the most delicious homemade sausages with her.

We’re about halfway through the harvest now and, whilst it can be quite tough and leaves you feeling very achy, it’s been good fun so far! The early morning are always going to be a killer, but working in beautiful surroundings with a great bunch of people makes up for that! Oh and the coffee and croissants help too 🙂


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