Day 122-124: The good, the bad and the ugly!!

After yet more indulgence yesterday both Rob and I felt the need for some exercise and whilst Rob decided to go for a steep and rocky 10km I went for a much easier 6.5km run along the (very flat) Voie Verte! Unfortunately even that left me feeling hot, sweaty and like I hadn’t done anything physical in weeks – despite our recent grape picking!!

After a bite to eat we set about packing up the van again ready to head off tomorrow to see Rob’s family in the alps, as we had a few days off between the white wine harvest finishing and the red starting. Van pretty much packed we decided to head out again to stretch our legs, however this time we decided on a leisurely stroll around Olargues. Now I know me and Rob go on about visiting pretty villages a lot, however we have some back up this time as Olargues has been official named as one of the most beautiful villages of France! I think it’s best to let the photos do the talking, but it’s fair to say it is a very charming village and the cafe does cracking ice creams!!

Back home it was time for an early night as tomorrow brought with it another 6am start and yet more picking!

Up early we headed down to the field and picked away, yet again finishing in record time! Heading back to GUB’s for a quick shower and food we were soon back on the road and eastward bound to see Andrea, Phil and Pandora in La Tania. As the journey would take us halfway across France, and with sat nav predicting over eight hours in the BFG, we decided to split the journey across two days and spent the night in a little campsite just east of the Ardèche.

Another day and it was beginning to feel like groundhog day as we were up early again (though thankfully not at 6am!) and back on the road heading east! A few hours driving on our ‘magical mystery tour’ through tiny villages and past acres of nut trees and we arrived on the outskirts of Grenoble, which I can only describe as one of the ugliest French cities I have seen. We’ve driven past it several times on la grande aventure now and it never gets any prettier – from the motorway all you can see is a stark, graffiti-ridden industrial city which doesn’t seem to have any hidden delights! I’m sure there are some gems once you get into the heart of the centre, however for us (or any holiday makers flying in for their annual ski trip) I think it’s best to get away from it and into the mountains as soon as possible!!

Luckily it didn’t take long for Grenoble to disappear out of view and the mountains to grow around us, before finally arriving back at La Tania! As I think we may have mentioned before life on the road is not always glamorous, so I’ve added a couple of photos of the view from the co-pilots seat complete with bug smears!


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