Day 121: Bon appétit!

Feeling very much like we’ve indulged way too much recently, I decided that I needed to start the day with some exercise before meeting friends for lunch. As the mountain bike was now back at the hire shop, it was onto the road bike for a quick ride to try to burn off some of the pizza from last night.

It wasn’t long before Charlotte and Phil arrived at GUB’s to collect Albi and then for us all to head off for lunch to celebrate the very successful opening of a new arts and culture centre – Château de Grézan – that Charlotte had been managing. We were returning to a restaurant, Les Marronniers, that we visited a number of years ago but had not been back to for some time. As it now had new owners we were looking forward to seeing how it had changed, especially as the old chef was (and still is) a favourite of ours.

The next few hours were spent chatting and catching up on the local gossip whilst also being educated by Bob and Phil (both massive football fans) on obscure football topics! However the start of each course was slightly delayed as it was Blaise’s turn to get pharty – that’s photo-arty! – before we could dig in!

With lunch over and the waitress making it very clear that it was time for us to go, we made our way back to the house of GUB and spent the remainder of the day blog writing, photo editing and waiting to hear about when we’d be needed for the next stage of the vendange.


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