Day 120: Loony Lunas!

After three super early mornings in a row we enjoyed a lovely lie in this morning and felt like ‘real people’ once more now we had weekends again! GUB had offered to help a friend by dog-sitting for the evening so just before lunchtime we were joined by Albi, the border collie, and decided to go out for a walk. We headed up the the Voie Vert, the old railway line that runs through Lamalou and connects lots of villages in the area, and soon Albi, Rob and GUB were trotting off into the distance to stretch their legs!

Having got just past Le Poujol we decided to head back, as yet again the temperatures were soaring past 30 degrees, and after a spot of lunch headed over to Lunas to check out their annual festival de fanfare.

We’d driven through Lunas on the way to Dad’s house just over a week ago and thought then it was a very pretty village, however it looked even more charming now it was decked out in bunting, lights and decorations. There were lots of different musicians, art installations and stalls (selling everything from crepes to wine) set against the backdrop of quaint buildings, a tranquil river and stunning chateau.

We have a wander around the streets, checking out a few of the bands and installations, before heading back to the main square for a cheeky drink and a catch up with one of GUB’s friends who lives in a village nearby.

With tummies rumbling we headed back in the direction on Lamalou and grabbed a pizza from the same little restaurant in Mons we’d visited the previous week, where Albi got to play his favourite game – hunt the leaf!! With Albi (and Rob!) exhausted from all that leaf throwing we headed back home, ready for another good night’s sleep.


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