Day 118-119: Work, rest and play!

The next few days of grape picking (or vendange to use its correct name) followed pretty much the same pattern – wake up far too early, grab a coffee, go to a field, pick some grapes, have more coffee and croissants, pick more grapes, help unload back at the press, head back home, have a shower, have a nap, eat some dinner, drink some wine, play competitive card games with your family (complete with prizes!)…

The picking itself was also interspersed with (short) conversations using a mixture of French, English and mime, lessons in different grape varieties, comedy stretching to ease our tired muscles and learning what happens to the grapes once our work is done.

I’m pleased to report that we must be getting quicker too as we finished earlier than expected on both days, with one field expected to take four hours to harvest and only taking us two!!


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