Day 116: The calm before the…vendange!!

Today was a sad day for me – I had to give the bike back as we were due to start the vendange tomorrow. Before returning to the bike shop I had time for one more ride, so an early alarm was set and by 8am I was out enjoying the cool start of the day. This time I was retracing previous wheel tracks and planned to complete the ride that I got lost on earlier in the week, and fortunately this time I got it right!

The route had been graded as black or ‘tres difficile’ but having been mountain biking for over 20 years now, I was pretty confident that I’d be okay. Turns out that unlike the grading for the walking paths, the mtb trail grading really means it and ‘tres difficile’ truly is very difficult! Although the ride started with nice easy trails through vineyards, it soon became a combination of very very loose, narrow, steep and rocky tracks it was a real challenge (the local riders certainly have some talent) and quite a change from both the easier trails that I’d ridden before and the style of riding that I was used to back home. After about two and a half hours and 25km I rolled back into Lamalou feeling hot, tired but very happy and certainly ready for breakfast!

As Zoe was over breakfast today was a visit to the salon de thé, but not before a quick trip to the market first to marvel at the combination of absolute tat and amazing looking food. As you may know by now from previous entries, the salon is our favourite place for coffee and cake so it wasn’t too much of a hardship to spend a very nice couple of hours chatting and watching the world go by. Soon enough it was time to head home for an afternoon of relaxing and hiding from the heat which still refuses to die down enough to do anything after about 12pm!

With the afternoon soon heading towards evening I headed back to Le Poujol to drop the bike off and we got ready for the evening entertainment of moule night! It was another fun evening of eating our own weight in crustacean* and chips, but soon enough we needed to head back to make our lunches for work the next day and also get some sleep as the alarm was set for 6.15am!!

*okay so it might be a mollusc, but crustacean sounds better with chips!!


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