Day 112-113: Three become four!!

The house of GUB was set to be invaded yet again, as my sister flew out to join us all for the week. Not being known as the earliest of risers, the 6am flight was not well received and after briefly catching up on our adventures over the past few months it was time for her to have a nap (this is starting to feel like a flashback to when Team Mitchell were here!!)!

Feeling refreshed after a mammoth six hour sleep – whilst Rob and I caught up on the blog and GUB coloured in his little men (see photo below if you’re not familiar with GUB’s hobby!) – we indulged in a glass of two of Languedoc’s finest over dinner, whilst setting the world to rights.

The next morning brought with it another of Lamalou’s traditions – Saturday morning oysters and picpoul down at the market. With Rob feeling a little restless (well it had been two days since he was last on a bike!) he headed over to the nearby village of Le Poujol early to hire a mountain bike and soon joined us for wine (but not oysters). Despite coming out to France regularly to see Dad and trying to embrace their way of life, 11am still always feels too early for raw seafood (but definitely not wine!)!

Having caught up with GUB’s friends over a glass or two, a group of us headed down to a local restaurant for a spot of lunch and we were soon tucking into colossal burgers, steak tartare, lamb cutlets and omelettes. More wine in every colour imaginable meant it was back home for a little rest (or nap in Zoe’s case!), before Rob headed out for an early evening ride in the surrounding hills.


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