Day 22: Malmo, Sweden

After having a quick look around the shops we headed to the Form/Design Centre, not really sure what we would find. On the ground floor there was a photographic exhibit showing the development of modern Chinese cities, and up on the second floor there were very detailed displays of plans for the progression of the Skane area, which although interesting were so in depth (and mostly in Swedish!!) that we decided to headed back into the town centre in search of food.

We had read about a falafal restaurant that had been recommended in the Independent as a must, so having consulted Google Maps, we set off. Passing though pretty shopping districts – and one street that was full of interior design stores (much to Blaise’s delight!) we entered the Lebanese district with it’s thriving food market. Having a quick look, but with tummies grumbling, we ploughed on in search of ‘Falafel No 1’, vowing to head back to the market later. After two parks, many side-streets and thinking that we’d never find it, we arrived and swiftly ordered two falafel wraps with everything and extra haloumi. Heading back to one of the parks we sat and ate – fortunately it was well worth the walk!

After letting our lunch go down, it was time to head back via the market. It was a true local’s market, crazily busy with people buying every fruit and veg that you could think of and barely enough space to move – not what we were expecting to find in Sweden given our sleepy start to the week! With food bought, we visited the harbour and had a final wander around the town before heading back to the campsite with weary legs! It was an interesting city, and the most diverse that we had visited to this point.



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