Day 21-22: The discovery of the porcu-hog!

Waking early to more blue skies and sunshine, we set off to explore the local town of Ahus. Continuing the theme of Swedish towns/cities, initial disappointment soon gave way to surprise as we were greeted by yet more quaint cobbled streets, historic buildings and the local Absolute Vodka factory! We had been told at the campsite that we must try the local ice cream, so even though it was only 11am it was very hot and rude not to give it a go! After getting flavour translations from the local police (life is clearly tough for them there!), we dived into massive cones of super creamy and very tasty ice cream, enjoyed by the water front.

On our way back to the BFG, we went for a stroll along the long sandy beach, and soon forgot that we were in Sweden as it felt more like the med. Sadly we had to move on to our next destination of Malmo, but fortunately this was not a long way away and gave us time to enjoy more pretty coastal towns on route.

The prettiest town by far was Simrishamn, a lovely sleepy seaside town with beautiful shops, squares and cafes. In typical ‘La Grande Aventure’ style we had a wander around before finding a perfect little oasis tucked up a side street. Entering via a narrow alleyway what we found would make any interior design enthusiast go weak at the knees, however as we delved deeper we discovered a little gem of a restaurant housed in a sun drenched courtyard. We couldn’t resist stopping for a bite to eat and enjoyed a delicious pizza which left us feeling like we were in Southern Italy!

With full tummies it was back in the BFG – but not before spotting a weird hedgehog/porcupine cross, that we’ve named the ‘porcu-hog’ – and onto our final Swedish stop, Malmo.


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